I’m a guitar player with close to 30 years of playing experience that includes session work and live shows playing with all types of musicians and music styles.
I have played for and worked with such people as Shaggy, Konstantin Wecker, Joe Sumner, Laith Al-Deen, Leo Aberer, Inez, Eric Papilaya, Sandra Pires, Klimmstein, Chris Schermer, Pippo Pollina, Linard Bardill, Thomas Lang, Jo Barnikel, Gwenael Damman, Walter Keiser, Javier Girotto, Palermo Acoustic Quartet, Peppe Voltarelli & Il Parto Delle Nuvole Pesanti, La Compagnia Dei Folli... to name a few.
I have played some pretty good stuff , but my best is yet to come I think.

The wonderful thing about my profession is that I get to learn something new every day. It’s this joy of discovery and insatiable thirst for knowledge that continues to lead me to seek out instruction and study other styles of music. Looking back, I can still remember my first time on stage in front of a live audience. I was so nervous and at the same time intoxicated by the experience, and I have never looked back. Since first discovering the guitar as a teenager, I still get a charge every time I pick up my instrument. I don't think that I could, or would do anything else.

I was born in Palermo, Italy on November 8th 1976. I don't remember not being a musician. Ever since I can remember, I always just wanted to play guitar and got serious about it when I was about 12 years old.

I had since a young age been into the session players more than the so called "guitar heroes". I was always impressed with guys that could go from rock, to pop, to jazz all in the same day.I still am. It is most of those guys that still inspire me today to do what I do better.

In 1995, after the high school where I studied electronic, I joined and graduated the CPM Music Academy in Milan. There I studied with Donato Begotti, Nicoletta Caselli, Roberto Cipelli, Fabrizio Spadea and Roberto Gualdi. This was an eye opening experience. I had always worked to become a technically proficient player, but this is when I really started to concentrate heavily on that. It was during this period that I started fusing my blues-rock background with the latest contemporary jazz ideas. Of course listening to some great guitar players like Scott Henderson, Pat Metheny, Robben Ford, Steve Ray Vaughan, Steve Lukather, Allan Holdsworth, Michael Landau, Eric Johnson, Dann Huff, Michael Thompson… was a great help too.

Though I originally moved to Milan for school, I learned more by practicing all day and playing all nights than in the classroom. As a working musician, I was exposed to everything from blues to funky to rock to pop. This is where I found my voice.

Being an electronic technician, my passion also includes guitar and amp modifications, ranging from customizing to projecting gear and other music equipment. As a result I’m frequently asked to consult on Guitar mod projects, Pedals, Rack effects, Switching systems and Rack/Pedal Board installations.

Studio credits

  • Shaggy (USA)
  • Joe Sumner, Fiction Plane (USA)
  • Laith Al-Deen (DE)
  • Pippo Pollina (IT, CH)
  • Leo Aberer (AT)
  • Inez (AT)
  • Sandra Pires (AT)
  • Klimmstein (AT)
  • Chris Schermer (AT)
  • Thomas Lang (AT, USA)
  • Gwenael Damman (AT, FR)
  • Walter Keiser (CH)
  • Javier Girotto (IT)
  • Marco Angelini (AT)
  • AnneMarie Hoeller & Mario Berger (AT)


  • Konstantin Wecker Summer tour 2007 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Pippo Pollina  tours 2002 until 2007 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, Lichtenstein)
  • Leo Aberer tours 2007 until 2019 (Austria, Germany)
  • Klimmstein tours 2010 and 2011 (Austria, Germany)
  • Tammorra tour 2007 (Malaysia)
  • "The King Of Queen" tour 2019-2020 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Live credits

Joe Sumner, Inez, Eric Papilaya, Maria Rerych, AnneMarie Hoeller, Chris Schermer, Dreieck, Linard Bardill, Jo Barnikel, Gwenael Damman, Walter Keiser, Javier Girotto, Palermo Acoustic Quartet, Peppe Voltarelli & Il Parto Delle Nuvole Pesanti, La Compagnia Dei Folli, Synphonich Orchestra "A. Toscanini" directed by Dimitri Jurowski, Vucciria...


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