These are some of my own creations. Contact me if interested



I take an Egnater Rebel 30 as starting base and completely rework it. Specifications:

  • 2 amps in one and 3 footswitchable modes operation: clean-crunch-lead
  • Channel 1 is a Fender Blackface circuit
  • Channel 2 is an Hot Rodded Marshall with 2 footswitchable modes (from crunch to smoth lead, amazing dynamic)
  • improved independent Master Volume which retains the original sound and pressure even at bedroom levels
  • Poweramp Depth control which cleans up or increases the bottom end of the whole amp
  • „no tone loss“ serial fx-loop
  • DC powered preamp tubes filaments for low noise operation and long tube life
  • rich sounding digital Reverb with independent Mix controls pro Channel
  • Analog XLR Speaker Emulated D.I. Output which works!
  • Internal “reactive load box” to play the Amp without a Cabinet
  • All this in an amazing little and portable package that weights in 10 Kg only!
  • 25W with 6V6, 40W with 5881 power tubes


CB-35 Cathode Biased 35W Tube Amp

This amp started its life as an Orange Dual Terror. I completely reworked it using premium components. Now it´s a Badger 35 clone with selectable Power Scaling mode (9 or 18 Watt modes). I added a Bright switch for dark sounding guitars and a post poweramp Line Out. The sound of the Badger with the portability of the Orange (9 Kg only!)


DUAL BOOSTER Buffer, Clean & Fat Boost

3 Pedals in one! Buffer, Clean Booster & Fat Booster in the same small package. True bypass. 2 completely separated Boost Modes with independent Gain controls. With the gain at 0 each section acts as a transparent low impedance Buffer/Line Driver. Increasing the gain on the Clean Mode fattens the tone in a very musical way retaining the guitar´s original tone. The Fat mode easily pushes single coils into p90 or even humbucker territory.


BROWN DRIVE Dynamic Distortion

This is a Marshall in a little box. From cranked Plexi to Hot Rodded gain monster and everything in between. The only pedal I´m aware of retainig the dynamic and frequency response of the real thing!


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