These are some of my own creations. Contact me if interested



I take a Vox Nighttrain 50 as starting base and totally rework it. Specifications:

  • 2 amps in one and 3 footswitchable modes operation, each amp with its own set of tone controls (no shared EQ)
  • Channel 1 is a stock Plexi circuit with 2 footswitchable modes: „green“ JTM (think Hendrix big Clean Tone) and „yellow“ (the classic JMP High Channel - from Clean to Crunch heaven)
  • Channel 2 is a Brown Eye hot rodded Marshall (from crunch to heavy lead, amazing dynamic)
  • PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) which retains the original sound and pressure even at bedroom levels!
  • Master Tight Switch which cleans up the bottom end of the whole amp (very useful if you often use to go from Strat to Les Paul, flip the switch and be done, no need to retweak!)
  • „no tone loss“ serial fx-loop (also bypassable)
  • DC powered preamp tubes filaments for low noise operation and long tube life
  • The Power Amp sporting a pair of EL34 tubes as independent bias trimmers pro tube allowing the use of even heavily unmatched pairs! Bias test points are located inside to set the bias in a breeze (no particular technical skills required)
  • All this in an amazing little and portable package that weights 12 Kg only!


CB-35 Cathode Biased 35W Tube Amp

This amp started its life as an Orange Dual Terror. I completely reworked it using premium components. Now it´s a Badger 35 clone with selectable Power Scaling mode (9 or 18 Watt modes). I added a Bright switch for dark sounding guitars and a post poweramp Line Out. The sound of the Badger with the portability of the Orange (9 Kg only!)


DUAL BOOSTER Buffer, Clean & Fat Boost

3 Pedals in one! Buffer, Clean Booster & Fat Booster in the same small package. True bypass. 2 completely separated Boost Modes with independent Gain controls. With the gain at 0 each section acts as a transparent low impedance Buffer/Line Driver. Increasing the gain on the Clean Mode fattens the tone in a very musical way retaining the guitar´s original tone. The Fat mode easily pushes single coils into p90 or even humbucker territory.


BROWN DRIVE Dynamic Distortion

This is a Marshall in a little box. From cranked Plexi to Hot Rodded gain monster and everything in between. The only pedal I´m aware of retainig the dynamic and frequency response of the real thing!


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